SELINA 4 Ply Disposable Face Mask

1. Protect Your Health – Breathe easy with effective protection against pollutants, dust, splashes, sprays and germs. For Children and Adults.2. Effective & Breathable – Made with a 4 Ply non-woven non-latex fabric for effective airway protection from small particles and droplets. Soft, non-irritating, comfortable and breathable.3. Everyday Protection – Suitable and applicable for every situation (for example gardening to construction) use in the work place other public areas to help protect from allergens, dust and germs.4. Easy To Use – With easy to uses one size fits all elastic ear loops these face masks fit most any shape and size face. The top seam of the mask has an adjustable metal nose strip which may be molded to offer a better fit.5. Single Use – Our face masks are disposable and are intended solely for one time use.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: immediate
  • Packaging Details: 50 or 100 piece in each packet


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