SELINA Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Foot Operated)

Selina Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
Touch Free Pedal Activated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand for Hospital / Restaurant / Office – 100% Mechanical.
With a single press of the foot the user gets 5ml of liquid sanitizer at his/her hands to completely remove all germs instantly and helps in securing our place of living and work.The mobility of this essential utility gives it a practical advantage to use it all places with ease.

  • Easy to operate with any size of Dispenser Pump Bottle (Bottle not Included)
  • Hand Touch Free, Long Lasting, Good Quality, Very Sturdy and Maintenance Free
  • Best Suited for Offices, Clinics, Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Courier Services, etc.
  • Portable freestanding design: Ideal for high-traffic areas such as lobbies, restaurants, schools, hospitals etc.
  • Dispenser size: Easy to operate with any size of Dispenser. The height of Canister is adjustable.
  • Ways of using: Floor Stand.
  • It can hold bottles of various shapes, sizes and dimensions.

Additional Information:

  1. Delivery Time: immediate


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